UFC Calgary...

Last year, around New Years, me and this dude made a promise to each other that we were going to absolutely crush 2018. Everyone around us was going to crush by simply being in our wake.


So far, so good.

(Short backstory)

So, I started training a buddy from the Ohana Academy in San Antonio back in April of 2017. Ohana is one of Texas's premier MMA/BJJ (Mixed Martial Arts/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) schools...an Empire being built by Jason Yerrington and his team of BJJ/MMA practitioners. They have two locations and a TON of, not just members but, quality members. People aspiring for greatness. People shooting for the stars. The MMA program is chalked full of killers and the BJJ program has built up some very highly competitive BJJ fighters.

My buddy's name is Alex Hernandez. I've helped guide him on a slightly new path including slowing things down a bit, recovering better, breathing better, relaxing through movement so that he can move more efficiently while conserving energy, cold water dousing, thinking and then reacting, considering everything around him. This has led to an incredible increase in his awareness and, in turn, speed and timing. We all know how important those two variables are (See UFC 222). Of course, we maintain our strength and conditioning, but more importantly, we're learning how to channel his strength, conditioning, power, and emotions. He thinks differently now. He moves differently now. He understands himself better.

We were gearing up for a fight at Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio, TX scheduled for March 4th under a very reputable, but smaller promotion. On eight days' notice, the UFC calls him up to the big leagues. Instead of fighting in a local bar, we ended up under the big lights of Las Vegas at UFC 222 on March 3rd.

It gets better... dude knocked out the #12 lightweight in the world in 42 seconds!


Alex was expected to lose. The odds were against him in a big way (he was close to a 4-1 underdog before the fight started) which helped some folks make rent for the month. He killed a few interviews, we celebrated, and then headed back home to prepare for whatever the UFC decided to throw at us next.

Well, the wait is over.

The next battle has been scheduled and this go round we're headed to Canada. This Saturday, July 28th, you can see us on Fox taking on Oliver Aubin-Mercier in what should be a very exciting match up at UFC Calgary. If you tune in now, you can brag to all of your friends later, you were on the wagon first.

We'll be here for a while...


It would mean the world to us if you would click over to our Instagram pages (TridentStrengthTheGreat155, OhanaAcademy) and let Alex and the rest of the team know that you're behind him! We're stoked to put on a great show for you!

Be well,