My online coaching program is very exclusive. I keep the numbers low so the quality can stay high. I am currently accepting applications for three business professionals between the ages of 35-60 who can work on the run from a distance and be willing to put in at least 12 weeks of solid work with me. You're not fast, cheap, and easy, so don't expect any of that here.

I am taking serious applicants only as I do not feel the need to waste either of our time or money. I expect you to take this as serious as I do. I can promise you success...if you show up. When you are chasing goals, no matter the set backs, if you show up enough, you WILL win. That's fact.

I will help keep you accountable. This will include a few things like checking in with me weekly as well as supplying me with your training and nutrition logs every week. That's not an option. That's how this works. Remember, you're paying good money for this and accountability is a major, if not the most important piece of the equation.

Yes, you will have to dedicate a little extra time to this, but we are talking about your well being...something we both know should be at the top of your priority list. If you're in the middle of that vicious cycle, it might not seem like it now, but this will 100% feed into every other aspect of your life. Remember, no matter how you define success (happiness, finances, relationships, etc), the most successful people are always healthier, stronger, and mentally sound. Self awareness is usually not a stranger to the successful either. Your health and success will run together.

What is included with online coaching?

Happy you asked.

I use a really awesome training app called Trainerize to program all of your sessions. Every exercise/movement comes with a demonstration video and detailed written instructions. Over the course of the 12 weeks, you will have something programmed five days a week. That's 60 sessions.

The app is, literally, a one stop shop. Obviously, your training sessions can be found there, but you can also use it as a training journal to track your sessions and progress. You can track your body stats. You can upload before and after pictures. You can journal your food through the MyFitnessPal app that easily syncs to Trainerize. You can link your Fitbit to it, if you use one. The calendar will have your task list scheduled in the appropriate order. There is also a messaging tool so we can keep in direct contact with each other.


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